Renovation Quotes

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ROI Projections

Thinking of renovating? Contact us today to discuss how much you stand to gain from your planned project. Check out some of the ROI’s on our previous projects.

Use-Conversion & Additions

Dreaming of something big? No problem we can help you with both minor and major structural changes and additions, including use-conversion.

Kitchen Renovations

Interested in renovating your kitchen? We offer detail-oriented, time-efficient kitchen renovation services.

Bathroom Renovations

Interested in renovating your bathroom? We offer detail-oriented, time-efficient bathroom renovation services.

Permit Application & Compliance

Not sure what your planned renovation requires or how to get them? Let us do the worrying for you. We’ll ensure that your renovation project complies with all relevant By-Law and Fire Safety standards, and we’ll obtain.

Design Proposal

We want to help you make the most of your space. We offer full design proposal services, including Professional staging and design consulting.

Turnover Improvements & Upgrades

We can help with everything from routine enhancements to larger turnover improvments and upgrades.

Project Management

At LPRM we know how to keep your renovation project on-track. No matter how big your project is, from the intital planning to the final stages of completion, we’ll oversee every piece of the puzzle.