Legacy Property & Rental management INC.

Legacy Property & Rental Management specializes in those looking to invest in real estate in the Thunder Bay region. Situated in the heart of North Western Ontario our team’s years of experience can help guide your real estate needs and provide professional services to ensure the successful growth of your investment. We offer a range of services that will cater to every need of your property’s lifecycle. With nearly 10 years working in investment real estate our team will assess and inspect your properties for you prior to purchase to ensure that you are capitalizing on area, demographic, rental potential and investment opportunity. We will work by leveraging our professional relations with trusted real estate agents and tradespeople, ensuring that our clients capture the investment with the most potential return.

Investing in Thunder Bay

As the prices of properties skyrocket in larger city centres and investors look to escape these inflated prices, we are noticing that properties producing cash positive numbers are becoming more sought after. With Thunder Bay being in the top 10 most affordable housing prices in Canada it is understandable to see why so many investors get their feet wet in Thunder Bay’s easy access rental market. Coupled with affordable housing Thunder Bay has a rental market that will satisfy your monthly bills and put cash in your pocket. This is called the Capitalization Rate and with the low cost of a mortgage and quality rent rates you will see that your property will be generating your property’s revenue for the short and long term.